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PHOTOGRAPHER and Make-up artist from the Netherlands

Winning photos

This girl.. always pretty on pictures. Captured from behind still then beautiful, with the black background and de white dress. I love it, she comes by every year with here parents

79th Collection

This little girl comes to my photo studio every year, since she is in her mothers tummy. She became my little best friend! Love to take pictures of her! She is such a great kid!

77th Collection

Just this happy face, strong portret of a young man. The curls and pretty eyes make this picture perfect I think. The combination with black and white version

77th Collection

The older brother with his younger sister, so photogenic. Love his big hair, this looks amazing on photos. She has a very strong look, it looks like she's smiling with her eyes.

75th Collection

This beauty came to my studio with her sisters. Every picture I took was beautiful, she has such a strong look.
Love it when children are so photogenic! Her big brown eyes are enchanting!

75th Collection

This girl with her Brown eyes ????! The look, no forced smile but just open eyes. I think that her eyes tell the story in this picture.

74th Collection

These beautiful 3 sisters photographed in my photostudio. Love the clean look, black background with the skin tones of these girls. The soft looks, just al little smile with the eyes.

74th Collection

During one of the COVID lockdowns I rook this picture of my own girls and our little friend. The feeling that the world is spinning from behind the windows, when this is the time they should discover everything..

73rd Collection

Love this little girl with her big blue eyes! Such a cosy Feeling with her hands in the sleeves of her sweater. One of the many beautiful pictures I took during this session.

73rd Collection

She comes to my studio every year around her birthday! Every time we try different poses and settings. In her beautiful white dress she holds a pretty flower. The settings of the light combined with the clothing and hairstyling makes this a very romantic picture

72nd Collection

Lowieke comes to my studio every year around her birthday. She likes to try different things on picture. So when i asked her to stick a flower on her pretty face, she loved it!

72nd Collection

This girl comes to my photostudio every year around her birthday. She didn’t like this pose very much, still she rocks this picture with her big blue eyes..

72nd Collection

This beauty came to my photostudio with het little sister! So cute! I love the look in her eyes! So pure and serene with the black background

71st Collection

My daughter, only 12 years old when I took this picture of her. At my photostudio I also work as a makeupartist. At this image its the makeup and the look of this model that make the picture

71st Collection

This funny boy came to my studio with his family. He is amazing on camera! With his lovely curly hair and his song face! Love it!

70th Collection