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Wander in Bloom

I'm a sucker for romance and a big fan of movies. I embody this in my photography by capturing love stories in a cinematic way. It can be love between two people or the love one feels for oneself. Because we store memories as small pieces of film, I aim to create photos that feel like stills from a movie. So no posing, just you being you and me being me, creating magic together.

Winning photos

Oehlala! I love women who celebrate themselves. It creates such a strong, joyful and sensual energy. And that's what I wanted to capture (after moving every plant in the house to create this setting ;) ).

79th Collection

Gotta love love. Especially under the iconic Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam. I love how romance and architecture come together in this frame.

79th Collection

This beautiful woman was about to become a mother for the first time. She was so pure and powerful that I wanted to portray her just like that: pure, strong and independent.

Model: @emyfinehouse_

79th Collection

As a cinematic photographer, I wanted to create a scene where lovers would run away together. I love how this turned out. With these beautiful people, the blue hour and the haziness above the water.

77th Collection

As a cinematic photographer I want to capture moments between lovers in a cinematic way. Like a still from a movie. Up close and personal. That's what you feel in this picture and that's why I love it.

77th Collection

I met her at a bar in Lisbon and made a compliment about her tattoo on which she responded: "Thanks! Do you wanna see my sex aliens?" She lifted up her shirt and on her chest where two arty aliens making love. I found her so fascinating that I asked her to go on a photo adventure together and so we did. It turned out in one of my favourite shoots I did in Lisbon.

77th Collection

During my loveshoots I capture lovers in their own unique love bubble. Like I am not even there. The combination of them caught up in the moment and me capturing them close up with a shallow depth of field gives this dreamy glimpse of the love they share.

76th Collection

This was an awesome shoot! But what you don’t see in this photo, is that Judiths legs were strangled in slippery water lily stems, her feet got sucked into the mud and underneath the surface her body was covered with tiny beetles. But hey, anything for an awesome photo, right?

76th Collection

During my shoots I aim to capture the unguarded moments, because they show what’s underneath. That’s why I love this photo, taken during an unguarded moment that truly tells a story.

76th Collection

My self-love shoots are all about capturing your essence. A photo journey that helps you to remember, to embrace and to become your own Muse.

Model: Linda Visser (@lindavisser)

75th Collection