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This shooting with @chloe_roussel_model was a real pleasure. Not only is she amazingly kind and professional, but also because this was my second time practicing with that lighting pattern and it was really working very well on her. The more I look at my previous work I've produced this past year, the clearer it is to me that strong colors and contrasts is my stuff...

99th Collection

This shooting was made with @pele_antho who is a french comedian based in Paris. I love working with comedians as it allows me to go deeper in creativity and lighting research and experimentation. I'm really happy how this pictures turned out, it's moody, and deep.

99th Collection

Working on the colors and the style of my pictures is key for me. I'm looking for light and colors, strong contrasts but also a strong emotion. I'm not trying to create an emotion for the viewers, but for me. When I shoot, I'm always looking for that thrilling moment when the perfect match hits the computer's screen.

98th Collection

Fun fact, I really don't like purple. Since my childhood, this color is really not something I'm looking for.
But I tried to get this moody "Drive" look and I must admit that red and purple are pretty well matching together... Sometimes you gotta change your view on your beliefs.

98th Collection

I enjoy experimenting with colors and lights, and my main guide is my emotions and feelings. For this photo, I wasn't very happy with the reflection of the light in the sunglasses, until I asked Otis, the model, to raise his head. That's when I truly fell in love with the result! This image exudes a beautiful impression of a unique and strong character.

97th Collection

This shot of Mona was the start of a series that, at the time, I didn't realize would be so important to me. I was searching for a new type of lighting, something that could evoke deep emotions, starting with my own. The result was absolutely perfect—so intense... I'm really thrilled with how this photo came out!

96th Collection

This portrait, featuring dancer and teacher @nzcharline with makeup by @camillelousson_makeup, is part of a series named "RetroChromaNeon." In this series, I experiment with strong lighting, vivid colors, and high contrast to bestow a science-fiction aesthetic upon my models.

95th Collection