Nadia De La Rosa


De La Rosa

Santo Domingo

đŸ‡©đŸ‡´ Dominican Republic

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300$ per hour | 2 hours minimum



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3rd place in Dominican Republic

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2 years

Studio Name

Dreams Storytelling

Life combines a lot of memories, they are full of emotions that can't be repeated. Capture a story, translate them into images it makes each one of those lasting memories over time and become part of the family history throughout time.
Destination Wedding Photography. Available worldwide. Whose love to bring into images love, emotions, tears, all kind of feelings our couples can express. We specialize in adventure sessions, breaking all the parameters but without losing the romance of our couple.

Winning photos


The beauty of Fine art is to capture the beauty and delicacy of a person in a single image.

91st Collection

The Magic of the Soul .

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. And this is how Pablito and Paula reflect in this image full of drama.

91st Collection

Pablo Garcia is one of the most prestigious doctors in the Dominican Republic. He is my doctor and he saved my life two years ago. The session with him and his children. was a very special moment for me. Pablo wanted photos that reflected the joy of children being children. The photos turned out beautifully. He wanted photos in high contrast.

Pablito, his twin son, is autistic, and the photo session was a show of love. That’s really touching. The photos captured the love and joy between Pablos and his children. Pablo’s house is quite a spectacle wit all the pictures on the wall.

91st Collection

Erick and I have a very nice relationship, photographically speaking. I've been taking photos of him since he was 3 years old. Erick lost his little dog, with the growth last year, due to illness, and that affected him a lot. At the beginning of this year, as a gift from the Three King festivity, his parents gave him Bruno. Erick wanted photos with Bruno to remember. A totally magical session.

91st Collection

Maria Victoria, since I heard her name, she gave me the name of a queen. And when I saw her in her photoshoot with that beautiful dress of hers and her crown, I just said to myself she looks like a princess from a fairy tale. She was not very comfortable taking pictures of her, she is very reserved, she only did it to please her parents, but I spoke with her for a few minutes so that she would allow me to be able to narrate her story in the best possible way she accepted. A beautiful result for a beautiful quinceañera queen.

61st Collection

Last year was the year where everything in my photographic world changed. She is Natalie, she is my neighbor, and for her birthday she asked me that the photos of her be different. In those days I was starting my fine art classes with Amina Donskaya. I had to make a concept for the shoot and take her as a model. This image was made in the parking lot where my apartment is. Many not good things happened in 2020, for me this is the best thing that has happened to me to be able to take photography at another level. I'm still learning.

59th Collection

Amelia, she is a sweet girl, whom I met when she was 15. The 15-year session was quite a spectacle, so I have stayed in the family as her photograph. We made this image for her Senior prom pictures. She wanted a different memory and this was my gift to her.

59th Collection

This image has a story based on the confinement that we experienced in the Dominican Republic last year. Almost 4 months in total confinement and without being able to do what I like the most, which is to create photography. 2020 was the year of learning, resilience, detachment, but above all of reinventing ourselves. My style of photography changed a lot because during that confinement I had the opportunity to meet other photographers, in a virtual way, educate myself, give a twist to everything I knew in these 12 years. One of them was Amina. She taught me to see photography from another point of view, lighting, colorization, retouching, all that I involved in the result of a good photograph. Create a whole concept to achieve this result.
My model, I call her my porcelain girl, her name is Emma and she is the being who came to give my first creations.

58th Collection