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Number One Portrait Photographer in 2024


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Dubai portrait photographer Martin creates photos that will empower you.

In order to do that, you need authentic portraits that show both your beauty and personality. The problem is that most photographers lack the ability to capture the essence and story being told within the photo. Martin understands that most people aren’t professional models and are not comfortable in front of the camera. He knows that a photoshoot should feel comfortable and natural, empowering you to show your true self.

As a an award-winning Dubai portrait photographer, Martin helps you prepare for the shoot by discussing outfits, poses, and backgrounds that will bring out your personality leaving each photo authentically you. Here’s how it works:

1. Book your shoot.

2. Be guided through the preparation and shoot.

3. Get photos that empower you!

So get in touch today, and let Martin show you how to feel empowered in front of the camera.

Winning photos

Capturing a contemplative moment, this portrait marries soft lighting with shadow to highlight the subject's reflective pose, creating an intimate atmosphere that embodies the essence of fine art portraiture.

92nd Collection

In this work, I aimed to blend classic and modern elements, achieving a painterly effect. The dramatic lighting and textured backdrop accentuate the subject's captivating gaze and elegant styling, encapsulating the timeless nature of fine art portraiture.

92nd Collection

In this portrait, the child's joyful expression is the focal point, complemented by the warm reflection of the Christmas star she holds. The soft lighting and rustic backdrop give the image a timeless, painterly feel, with the festive sweater adding a touch of seasonal charm. It's a moment of childhood wonder.

91st Collection

This portrait is a study in the interplay of fabric and light, with the subject's piercing gaze drawing the viewer into a narrative wrapped in the rich tones of her draped, burgundy garment. The composition suggests both strength and elegance, emblematic of the painterly touch in fine art photography.

91st Collection

This portrait captures a simple moment illuminated by window light, transforming it into a painterly scene. The gentle sunlight highlights the subject's features, revealing real emotions. It's a reminder of how the everyday touch of light can turn any ordinary moment into a work of art.

88th Collection

As a fine art portrait photographer in Dubai, each snap of my lens encapsulates more than just a face - it captures a unique narrative. An awarded portrait speaks volumes of this approach, preserving deeply personal tales within its frames. These aren't mere portraits, but globally-recognized masterpieces, each embodying the essence of a distinct personal brand.

86th Collection

As a Dubai maternity photographer, the aim was to weave elements of the Old Masters' aesthetic into this modern maternity photoshoot, capturing the subject's strength, joy, and the sweet anticipation of motherhood. The thoughtful composition of the regal crown, the delicate natural light, and her evident joy elevate this image beyond a standard photograph.

The internationally recognized portrait captures more than a pose; it encapsulates a defining moment in her journey towards motherhood. The resulting image is not just a testament to the universally profound experience of impending motherhood, but a personal narrative captured through the lens during a memorable maternity photoshoot.

85th Collection

The early years of life are a fleeting and magical time marked by wonder, innocence, and joy. As children grow and develop at a rapid pace, these priceless moments often pass us by unnoticed. However, with the power of fine art portrait photography, we can preserve these cherished moments and create enduring works of art that encapsulate the essence and beauty of childhood.

83rd Collection

The early years of life are a fleeting and magical time marked by wonder, innocence, and joy, where children often form special bonds with their beloved pets. As children grow and develop at a rapid pace, these priceless moments spent playing, cuddling, and exploring with their furry friends can easily slip away unnoticed. With the power of fine art portrait photography, we can preserve these adorable moments and create enduring works of art that encapsulate the essence and beauty of childhood and the special connection between kids and their pets.

82nd Collection

I approach fine art portrait photography as a way of creating magic, transforming the everyday into a painterly moment that captures the spirit of a person. The resulting portraits are an art form all their own, capturing a person at their best and offering a glimpse of something more.

79th Collection

Every bride deserves to be celebrated in a beautiful portrait. I love the opportunity to capture the private side of a wedding. I used natural light to give it a timeless, painterly look.

76th Collection

When I take phots of children, I have the opportunity to capture authentic moments as they unfold, without staging scenes or "getting into character." My goal is to allow my subjects to express themselves in an honest, natural way.

75th Collection

Lighting is what gives a photo its depth, dimension, and mood. It's what makes it more than just a flat picture: it gives it life. And the best way to get that kind of lighting is to use natural light—and in particular, indirect natural light.

75th Collection

Photo portraits are a sort of theatrical magic.
The trick is to recognize that you are not just making a photograph, but you're also making a character and a story. The photographer is the director, the subject is an actor, and the audience is the viewer.

74th Collection

Portraits are about the person in front of the camera, which is why I love doing them. A photo can tell you a story about a person, but a portrait can let you see who that person really is. It's like saying "I'm proud of who I am," and showing the world who they are.

74th Collection

Make a painterly photo portrait with this easy technique. Use model, window, and backdrop to create an impressionist-like look that’s fun and shows off your favorite color combinations.

73rd Collection

A good portrait should be able to tell the story of a subject, and help the viewer understand what it's like to be inside that person's mind. Whether you're the photographer or the model, understanding how light works will help you achieve that goal.

72nd Collection

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