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Took this shot at sunset on the beach in the west of France for magazine @semarierenvendee with @m.silverio, after a day of shoot on a huge sailboat on the sea with an incredible team of creatives.

70th Collection

Provence during lavender season in the summer, at sunset, for this session: my favorite place, time of year, and even time of year!

68th Collection

Portrait and Beauty session with ChloƩ in Les Sables d'Olonne, with a nice and simple lighting setup (Elinchrom 100cm deep octa, carefully placed for a nice falloff, and subtle white reflector) to focus more on the expression and the posing.

61st Collection

This photo was taken at sunrise in San Francisco (USA), 5000+ miles away from home (France), a few days before the COVID outbreak and global lockdown. We woke up at 4am to be able to shoot at sunrise and the light was just incredible. Here we are on the beach and right behind me is the famous Golden Gate Bridge.

60th Collection