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I was immediately fascinated by Cecilia's gaze. Therefore, I focused on it, framing very close to the face. A Rembrandt lighting in black and white. By maintaining a very frontal frame, I also wanted to highlight the shape of her face, whose lines seem to ascend upwards, just like her eyes. Cecilia, despite being shy, was very professional and the shoot was a pure pleasure.

In frame : Cécilia @enjoymodelagency

94th Collection


Heavily influenced by 17th-century Dutch painters, I often draw inspiration from them for my portraits. Another approach to this image could have made it more "pictorial," but I wanted to maintain a photographic aspect, with sharper contrasts. In this portrait made in my studio, I focused on Laurentina's gaze, her pose, and especially the softness of the draping of her hair. Thank you to her for the presence she exudes.

In frame : @_txxina

94th Collection