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Winning photos

This is Tess a Benner-Senne dog. His owner wanted a nice picture but Tess couldn't really sit still so I had to be quick. It was a successful photo shoot.

89th Collection

As soon as I looked at the screen of my camera after taking this picture, I saw that it was a contender for an award. So on the day of the photo shoot, everything went according to plan: the flowers were in bloom, it was a bit cloudy but with beautiful light and a fantastic little model who cooperated very well

88th Collection

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to capture several young ladies in a flower garden that also includes an orchard. Because it got hot early on we sought shade, with one of my regular models Lana

87th Collection

Kayleigh has been one of my regular models for years, this is a photo from 2018 when we did a beach photo shoot

85th Collection

This is a picture from the very first photoshoot with Anika. She had volunteered to be a model for once and she did a really great job! She stayed and has been a model for 9 years now

84th Collection

The mothers of these 2 ladies have been friends since childhood, nice to see that their 2 daughters are now too. Of Course, they also came together for a photo shoot

83rd Collection

This little guy had come along for the photo session with his older sister, he was very at ease and nicely himself

82nd Collection