Denize Xenia




🇦🇪 The United Arab Emirates

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Denize Xenia

International Award Winning Portrait and Baby Photographer, Denize Xenia is a full-time Professional Photographer, Private Photo Editor, Designer and World Traveler based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Denize's clients hire her to shoot their special moments all over the world, her travels include but are not limited to Ireland, Australia, United Kingdom, South Africa, Maldives, Middle East, Turkey, USA and Seychelles - so if you need her somewhere out of the way, she's there.

In 2017 the design part of her business was launched and she has since designed logos, websites, packaging material, photo albums, pop-up banners, pamphlets, business cards and custom hot foil stamping & embossing album covers for small business owners.

You can also now browse through Denize Xenia's collection of Silver Swallow Designer dresses to find your favourites style to hire. With more than 50 dresses to choose from, ranging from size 6 to 18, there is something for everyone.

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