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Charlie Yada Photography

Pure emotional portraits.
Photography is about capturing souls, not smiles.

Winning photos

I love the strong look of this model, Djahvina. The pose and positioning of her head catches exactly the right vibe. Lighting from the right angle, makes this a strong portrait.

81st Collection

A very romantic look and feel of this portrait from model Chavienny. Painterly almost. With a dreamy look in her eyes.

81st Collection

This portrait I took in an old factory with beautiful lighting. Broken windows, industrial surroundings, but you can't see all of that. Beautiful pose of the girl, Kaylee.

79th Collection

I love the light on the face of this beautiful model, Pien. I had a wonderful connection with her and the look in her eyes is amazing.

79th Collection

Beautiful model Luana. Frontal light from a window with a black background. In my portraits I focus on the eyes, these are the expression of the soul. My models don't have to laugh, but just be themselves. I love working with kids, because they are so honest and pure.

78th Collection

Model Djoni with her natural beauty. Natural lighting from a window up front. I love the expression in her eyes. She has a very light skin and in combination with the white background it has a very soft but strong vibe.

78th Collection

These siblings are very fotogenic and then the three of them together are amazing. Their grandmother wanted a new photo in her home, that was my assignment. I searched for the best lighting circumstances and what a beautiful picture it has become.

Models: Dinah, Natalya, Nikos.

75th Collection

These sisters, so incredible! I needed models for my hair course. So first I braided their hair and then we went outside to take photo’s. I wanted a Viking style and it worked out so well. I love this picture.

Models: Sienne en Meggy.

75th Collection