Polina Danilova




🇹🇷 Turkey

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Saint Petersburg (Russia)



Senior Member

17 awards left until the Grand Member

1st place in Turkey

76th place in Russia

With us

11 months

I see that photography gives me freedom, and I really appreciate that

Winning photos

Turkey has the most welcoming orchards with vibrant oranges and juicy colors.

97th Collection

Orange story in Turkey at the orange garden.

97th Collection

"There is a story hidden in every flower, an emotion in every facial expression. How quickly the moment disappears when the soul next to nature blooms as brightly as a bouquet in her hands".

96th Collection

Tazi Canyon is an incredible place of power.

95th Collection

Life will test you, but remember one thing: when you climb a mountain, your legs get stronger.

94th Collection

When you look into the eyes of an animal, you will see unconditional love.

93rd Collection

Shine as if the whole universe belongs to you.

93rd Collection

Beauty is like the sea on a clear day. It is like a sunset. Or the night sky.

92nd Collection

It would be necessary to arrange life in such a way that every moment in it was significant.

92nd Collection

The charm of autumn.

91st Collection

Time changes everything. Especially thoughts.

90th Collection

Every morning we are faced with a choice: to continue sleeping and having wonderful dreams, or to get up and turn these dreams into reality.

90th Collection

To achieve great goals, we must first dream.

88th Collection