Portrait photographers in Bulgaria

  • 24 images selected 24 Vladimir Karamazov Sofia (Bulgaria) Why i started doing photography? Mostly because it is difficult and because i see a challenge. Nowadays everyone is a photographer. Everyone shoots with phones, cameras, tablets. Something mush more is required to stand out from the ocean of photos that floods us. You have to apply thought and skills, you have to be persistent and patient. I like such difficulties. They give meaning to our lives, because only the truly difficult thing we have overcome will someday bring us real joy and satisfaction. In my career as an actor, i have struggled for 20 years and continue to do it. But after meeting with the best directors, after performing in the biggest theatres and filming in the biggest productions, somehow it became easier for me. In photography, i start from scratch. In fact, i have always been shooting for as long as i can remember. I have always bought cameras, but the acting was a priority. In the last two years. i walked into the ocean of photography, began to study and search.
    Portrait photographer Vladimir Karamazov (vladimirkaramazov79). Photo of 15 May