Stefanie Dini




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Santana de Parnaíba (Brazil)



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3rd place in Brazil

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Stefanie Dini Fotografia

When it comes to portraits, my passion is to immortalize special moments that show emotional connection, love and family joy.

In the business world, my lens captures the determination, confidence and professionalism of executives, creating portraits that convey the strength of each person.

On the streets, I seek to capture the vibrant energy and everyday details that go unnoticed, revealing my penchant for conceptual style, where I can tell stories through intriguing and symbolic images.

And when the moment demands, I am quick to document events, capturing every exciting moment!

Winning photos

When I asked what kind of portrait he was looking for, he told me about "Believe in yourself and the strength that drives us to persevere, achieve and be grateful."

96th Collection