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Sami Turunen photography

Photographer based in Helsinki, Finland. I'm specialised in portraits and creative lighting. Check my Instagram feed for more photos and behind-the-scenes videos.

Winning photos

White on beige is a theme in here. We wanted to create a magazine cover like result and I think we managed ok (model, pose, clothes). Model: Ashma Aziz

85th Collection

In the end of our photo session our team deciced to do something out of the box and stylist created different look on-the-go. We managed to get bold and sassy magazine cover theme photos and this frame is one them. Ring is added in a post processing. Model: Oona Antila / Stylist (hair + makeup): Sanna Juhala.

85th Collection

Photo is a creative combination of continuous led lights and video projection. Model: Jenni Pirhonen / Stylist (hair & makeup): Eveliina Reunanen / Dress: Dila Dress.

85th Collection

Swimming pool photo shoot. I used Godox AD600 light because we were shooting against a window and strong backlit. Model: Sahar Larbi.

76th Collection

Basic three light setup portrait. Model: Emilia Reijonen / Stylist (hair + makeup): Laura Aronen.

76th Collection

A classic Rembrandt low-key lighting. Beautiful model Oona Antila got that fragile but still sensual mood we were after and result is this painting-like portrait.

74th Collection

Human Nature is a creation of wonderful team work with model Oona Antila and body painter Riina Laine. A frame is shot with a UV lights and video background projection.

74th Collection

This frame is shot in a studio where we did build an oasis. Lighting is done is using read plants and background created using fabrics with sparkles. Thank you Ashma Aziz for modelling. This frame is one of my all time favorites.

72nd Collection

Beautiful model (Melina Keltaniemi), wind machine and neon led tubes - you don't need anything else to create amazing frame. Lights: Godox SZ150R + Godox TL60 x2. Camera & Lens: Sony A7iv + Tamron 35-150mm 2.0-2.8

72nd Collection

This photo is a combination of led tubes and video projector (home-made-gobo). Stripe gobo gives nice shapes and flows through model's (elegant Veera Kankare) natural curves. Expression and tones are perfect for this kind of moody photo.

69th Collection

Hight CR soft light, awesome model and wind machine. Recipe for a good photo. It took over 30 tries to get this frame - either wind was blowing hair to much or too little - it is tricky but when you get it right, it is definitely worth it.

69th Collection

A mix of slit gobo and RGB led light. I also used a wind machine to create flowing hair. Model in this frame is talented Veera Kankare. I like creative light and trying out new things.

68th Collection

Ultraviolet photo. I used a mix of UV and RGB led light in this one. Big thanks to our stunning model Oona Antila and stylist Katarina Kantanen. Good team makes a difference.

68th Collection

Cold September evening. Assistant figthting against strong wind with a big stand, monolight and softbox. Traffic going in both ways. Three of us zigzaggin' and shooting. Big kudos to our model Oona Huhtala who kept her cool and was so professional thru the whole set. One of favorite photos of my career. Despite challenging conditions we managed to produce A level content.

67th Collection

This photo is part of my creative lighting setup where I use projection to create gobo portrait. Stripe gobo gives nice shapes and flows through model's (awesome Emma Luukkanen) natural curves. In this frame I used black silhoutte against bright background to create a dimension. Definitely one of my favs in this set.

65th Collection

Street & suburbian style with a 90s flavor. Shot in a natural light with a wide angle lens. The idea was to create perspective and leading lines - I just love them :). Model is Sally Gabechava.

63rd Collection

Shot with a stripbox & grid as a main light and led tube as a backlight / backlight to create a rim behind a model. Our goal was to achieve perfect timeless moment and simplicity in frame. Model is an elegant Matilda Wirtavuori.

63rd Collection

Film noir theme and Hollywood light. Shot with a hard bare bulb light and used soft focus filter to create glow & bloom. Model is amazing Oona Antila and our talented stylist Nina Vuori.

62nd Collection

The idea was to shoot a sporty frame with an 80s flavor. I added two accent lights - pink and turquoise - to achieve a little bit different and interesting look.

61st Collection

This shoot we planned for weeks with moodboards and which dresses to use. A model is so elegant that I had hard time to choosing best ones from a set. When this frame showed up and felt there was something magical about it - that feeling that everything clicks. I often say that I will take one true diamond everyday before 10 good ones from a photo shoot.

60th Collection