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Usually portrait session for children under 3 is a nightmare- but little Hailey was just a real model. My portrait sessions with little ones lasts no longer than 10min, and usually in the first 3 photographs we get the portrait. Equipment used : Canon R5, 50mm Rf and Profoto B1x.

78th Collection

This was such a fun session with Lily and Mariska in my studio - this cat took over. We managed to get her one portrait with both looking just perfect. I love including animals into portrait sessions. Shot with CanonR5 and Profoto B1x.

78th Collection

Maine is not like the other girls - she has an old soul and a deep personality. She embraces who she is. And that was so easy to capture. I loved this studio session.

77th Collection

The best part about photographing children’s portraits is that they are real. Children don’t care what they look like - they don’t care what the world thinks. And this purity is the most incredible beauty you can capture. So honoured to have this photograph selected. Thank you.

77th Collection

The moment this girl walked into my studio I couldn’t believe the vibrant energy she carries with her. Kara is an incredible artist and at 13 years old her presence is something magical.

58th Collection

Colour is something I have been a little terrified of, it can so easily take the stage and overpower a portrait - this year i would like to challenge myself to find a balance and embrace colour. Little Aden was just a perfect model :)

58th Collection

Sometimes as a portrait photographer, you get lucky and for a second you can photograph more than a face. That is the reason I am obsessed with portrait photography - chasing these moments.

58th Collection

The obsession I have with portraits is not knowing what a session will turn out to be, every soul expresses a different story. Just 6 years old little Adolf has a thousand of stories behind his quiet personality.

57th Collection

Serf is 5 years old, a little nervous he approached the session but immediately connected with the moment and showed a vulnerability any photographer would appreciate. He is a very brave young soul.

56th Collection

Keagan is 6 years old and the moment I walked into my studio I couldn’t wait for post-production. This boy is so unique and confident in his being it made my work as a photographer easy.

56th Collection

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