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šŸ‡³šŸ‡± Netherlands

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Arnhem (Netherlands)



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33rd place in Netherlands

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Lieke van Mil Fotografie

Timeless, warm and soft. The keywords for my photography business. I focus on women, pregnancies and newborn lifestyle.

Winning photos

There are some moments during a photoshoot when everything is just perfect together. This was such a moment. The couple full of love for each other and their newborn baby. The green leaves surrounding them. The outfits. All just gorgeous and perfect!

96th Collection

Taking close ups from newborn babies is one of my favorite things to do during a newborn photoshoot. In the comfort of their own home, I find the most perfect light and can make beautiful photos for the parents to cherish!

96th Collection

A portrait of a gorgeous friend. Together we created the lovely atmosphere, me playing with light, she playing with posing.

95th Collection

Maternity photoshoots are my favorites to do. I love this one because of the gorgeous model, but the light was perfect. Dark and soft, which created an intimate atmosphere.

95th Collection