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It was raining on and off, overcast and really windy. I had Abbey walk up the dune while I captured her movements. I have worked with Abbey on a lot of projects, she is a really incredibly talented model and has a great artistic eye. Her movements in this moment were not traditional poses as she flowed her body almost as if she was apart of the elements floating in the wind. I can’t take all the credit for this shot. I just had to ensure my settings were right, composition looked good and ready to capture the right moment.

83rd Collection

This image was taken as a test shot at the beginning of a swimwear shoot. Oceana (model) is a friend of mine is a very in demand model. In this moment she wasn't overly posing in this moment as we were doing a few test shots. But I remember capturing this image and saying to her "This is a nice shot". It feels really interment as everything draws towards to her eyes.

83rd Collection

Everything went wrong, but oh so right! We traveled 2 hours to shoot for a fashion label at this incredible sand dune location. We arrived at the location around midday to be prepared to shoot it was at this point that everything went wrong. As soon as we arrived the clouds rolled over, the wind picked up to 50kmph and it was the middle of winter so it was freezing!
We made the decision to press on and continue the shoot.
We decided to shoot in small intervals between 15-30mins at a time as both the models were freezing. We would jump in the car between outfits, turn up the heaters and attempt to warm up the girls.
It was tough. However, it was one of my favourite shoots. The images turned out incredible and all the elements worked in our favour.
The sun was shining light between clouds creating beautiful patterns and shapes across the dunes and shadowing both Abbey/Chloe creating a beautiful soft even light with this amazing hard rim light which is assisting to seperate them from the background.

83rd Collection