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185$ per hour | 1 hour minimum



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1st place in Belgium

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2 years

Studio Name

De Portretfotograaf

Ken Pimontel is a professional portrait photographer located near Antwerp, Belgium.
He believes a classical portrait is of great value for everyone and prefers timeless images that display dignity and inner strength. He loves strong compositions, dramatic light and honest expressions.

He is currently looking for a gallery in Norway to display his series of dramatic portraits.

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Winning photos

For me, red and blue gels are like painting. They help create an atmosphere that deeply resonates with me. Whether aiming for something moody and introspective, vibrant and energetic, or serene and calming, these gels allow me to experiment while being restricted. Glad you like the image!

97th Collection

By playing with light, posture, and expression, we aimed to capture the sense of a character existing between reality and fantasy. The model wanted to add net stockings, so I added color gels make the scene feel more theatrical and mysterious. Glad you like the image!

96th Collection

Intimate portraits show people in their private lives without being too explicit. I shoot about half in studio and the other half on location at the clients home. I just love the vibe this couple had and we had a blast making an entire series.

74th Collection

This photo is from my series dramatic portraits which explores inner strength and femininity. The model had just found out she was pregnant of her first child the day before the shoot which made it an extra special collaboration.

74th Collection

I was trying to find out how minimal I could make a portrait that would still capture the viewer and this series is the result. Easy, clear lighting with minimal attributes and just the face showing. Not feeling too old school, not too modern, not too classical, not too fashiony. It is all subjective of course...
Very appreciative of all the positive support. This series also won an award in Belgium.

73rd Collection

He was there for a portrait. She walked in with her mother. I asked if they would sit together and directed the pose, aiming for a result that would be intriguing and leave their relationship in mystery. Very happy with the nomination! Thank you!

72nd Collection

I love minimalism in photography. Honest portraits where all attention is focused on the sitter. Kindness and respect from Belgium.

Make-up by @jan_vangeel_mua
Model @jonyhaspizza

71st Collection