Isaac Alvarez



Los Angeles, California

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New York City (The United States)


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3 years

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Isaac Alvarez


Winning photos

Stephanie Rubinstein for a Vogue series that we did.

83rd Collection

Emily Paige rocking out a renaissance test shoot that we shot at my studio.

83rd Collection

Actress Camilla Luddington shot for a Tom Raider premiere. Actress from Grey's Anatomy. This was a 3x light setup that gave her a nice glow. The metal wall was the icing on the cake.

82nd Collection

Actress Mariale looking at a distance. Shot this with 1x light and used the sun to cast a subtle filler.

82nd Collection

Actress Samantha Drews scooped her hair right before the shot. Shot this with 2x light set up, subtle on the front and heavy on the hair light. Played around with an orange get-along with teal, meshing with her natural skin tone.

82nd Collection

This was shot for a magazine with Jazmyn Simon @jazmynsimon to feature her debut in Ballers. I used a 3 light set up, the main light was a beauty dish and the sidelights are 2 softboxes. I love the profile look while giving her highlights on her skin especially her neck.

55th Collection

This portrait of Priscilla Quintana @priscilla_quintana for the series called Making A Portrait Season 01 Episode 02. Wanted to get a subtle portrait with soft light touching her face.

55th Collection

Portrait of Hayley Orrantia @hayleyorrantia for the series called Making A Portrait Season 01 Episode 03. Love this shot of Hayley as the fan blows her hair while delivering that emotion-driven look.

55th Collection

This is a portrait of Ariana Madix @ariana252525 as part of their show Vanderpump Rules. This was a filled day and experimented with great lighting.

54th Collection

YouTube star Rosanna Pansino @rosannapansino for a magazine cover shoot. This was shot with 2 light set up while utilizing a fan to give her a dreamy feel.

53rd Collection

Portrait of Lily Anne Harrison and captured the essence of her character. Sho this with the Canon 5D Mark IV using a one light source. Balancing the shadows and light to give her face a nice blend.

52nd Collection

This is a portrait of Ariana Madix with Tom Sandoval for the Bravo series "Vanderpump Rules". This portrait was lit with one light and I used a gel to mix the colors of natural skin and blue tones. Highlighting their profile features while extracting their emotions through this portrait. 

51st Collection

This is a dramatic shot of Morgan Stewart for an editorial shoot. I love mixing 2 colors in a portrait using gels while highlighting the facial features of the lips.

51st Collection

Actress Bella Podaras @bellapodaras with this dramatic portrait for an editorial photo captured the emotions with this portrait. Playing around with teal, yellow, and orange, we captured highlighting her facial features. I love emotionally driven portraits. 

50th Collection

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