Domenico Gargarella




🇮🇹 Italy

With us

7 months

Studio Name

Domenico Gargarella Photography

Professional Portrait Photographer based in Milan (Italy) with private photostudio.

Winning photos

Old Hollywood style, two lights setup to celebrate the beauty of such amazing lady.

96th Collection

Playing with colors and Reflections.
Have always loved strong colors and geometry. Red and reflections are both perfectly fitting with those two passions I have.

96th Collection

A painterly portrait in my studio. The color combination and the strikes of light from the left side add a timeless feeling.

95th Collection

Studio Portrait based on warm tone color schema. The lower shooting point does elongate the body giving an aura effect on her.

95th Collection

high contrast portrait of a young woman, have taken inspiration from great masters of photography like Albert Watson and Irving Penn.

94th Collection

Painterly portrait of a young man, playing with color wheel to balance colors between clothes and background. The hair light and the light flare are giving an extra kick to this photo.

94th Collection

A one single shot using several mirrors with different shape and size to create this image. The meaning wants to tell the complexity of human psychology which has many different aspects, sometime more to the eyes, other to the mouth and more and more.

93rd Collection

A painterly portrait of Sara into my studio, very soft light from a strobe and a wide big diffuser and another strong to lighten up the background through a green gel.

93rd Collection

Burlesque-style photography captures the essence of bold elegance, a visual journey intertwining charm and mystery, a tribute to the art that celebrates beauty with a hint of mischief and a knowing smile

92nd Collection

Feminine feeling, is like the light which breaks the shadows.

90th Collection