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Studio portrait/fashion photographer, studio lighting mentor

Winning photos

Women portrait "Diamonds"

84th Collection

Fashion portrait "Volume Of Spring"

84th Collection

Women portrait "Strict frankness" (2023)
Model: Alina Shevchuk

82nd Collection

Women portrait "Subtle soul" (2022)
Model: Eva @pawlenkoeva

82nd Collection

I had the pleasure to shoot this beautiful woman. This portrait was made in Prague in my favorite photo studio!
Model: @teri.tb
Studio: @atelier.zarnica

81st Collection

Portrait "Mood riddle" (2022)
Photographer Yulia Baeva @baeva.photo

Women are amazing in their nature. Their movements, playfulness, emotions, sensuality convey the whole story of the perception of female nature. A real riddle!

80th Collection

Portrait "Sacrifice of Fashion" (2022)
Photographer Yulia Baeva @baeva.photo

Modern fashion is a mix of diverse styles and trends. Women sacrifice a lot of time to look fashionable. But it looks damn attractive.

80th Collection

Women portrait "Burn inside" (2022)
This is a story about a person who is overwhelmed with various rich emotions and it is very necessary for her to become noticeable.
Photographer Baeva Yulia @baeva.photo
Model Anna @le.annet

79th Collection