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Amanda Colgan Photography

Amanda Colgan is an experienced, award-winning portrait photographer with a distinguished and unique style. She has over 8 years of experience creating original works of art for her clients to proudly display in their homes. With an eye for detail and careful creative styling, Amanda Colgan Photography is sure to exceed your next portrait session expectations.

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Praying for Peace and comfort.

91st Collection

Let's go ice skating! As Winter slowly creeps in, we find out just how beautiful the changing of the seasons truly is.

91st Collection

"Golden Hour" Recently, a song, made this phase a bit more popular than in the past. The actual term, "Golden Hour" refers to the time immediately after a traumatic event. This this the vital time to ensure treatment so that the patient has the greatest chance of survival. Boldness and beauty truly stand out here. Abbi, 9, U.S.A.

81st Collection

Cardinal Red. During the summer, it is the hummingbirds that grace the southern US. In the spring, the blue bird (Robin) arrives. The birds and color for winter is red. Whether it is rumored to be a loved ones spirt allowing us to know that they are close, or the signal of the cold season looming, it is finally that time when we are blessed with its song. Abbi, 9, U.S.A.

81st Collection

Green :) The color itself, represents healing power and is understood to be the most restful and relaxing color for the human eye to view. Green can help enhance vision, stability and endurance. When the eyes are green, a true rarity occurs. Only 2% of the population is blessed to have this eye color. Magnificent, mysterious, and wonderful. Green. Abbi, 9, U.S.A.

81st Collection

Cardinal of Red Royal - It's been said, "When cardinals are here, angels are near". Most can agree that when they see the bright flash of red, or hear the sweet song of the cardinal, they feel more at peace. Happy Christmas. Abbi,9, USA

80th Collection