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Miami (The United States)

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400$ for 1 hours of work



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11th place in The United States

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2 years

Studio Name

Alexandra Hryshyn

I’m a published photographer based in Los Angeles (magazines and book covers in USA and other countries, my work also was published in the News such as Fox11, ABC7 news). I worked on the Turkish-American film festival (as a photographer), Los Angeles and New York fashion weeks.
From 2021 I'm part of Getty Images editorial freelance photographer.

I'm the owner of NoHo Photo Studio which is located in North Hollywood, California.
I shoot in the studio myself and also rent it out for other professional and inspiring photographers.

I personally do portrait and session photography. I’m working with different individuals, brands and with specialists to help them visually build their brand.
I also like to shoot Art and Fashion and I’m open for cooperation.

Winning photos

The most beautiful and feminine moment of women's life caught on camera.
Baby Pink backdrop for maternity photoshoot with your choice of flowers.
Our choice was the tulips which is represent the spring and easter time (for Example).

83rd Collection

Mother lavender
Maternity photo shoot on a Lavender field in Souther California. June 2022
The moment that should have been remembered

76th Collection

Maternity photoshoot with a fabric tossing.
Flying material is a great way to make your images flawless and magical.
This shot made in my photo studio in North Hollywood, California

75th Collection

The precious moments of pregnancy. Maternity photo shoot with Material toss in Los Angeles photo studio.
We chose light pink silk fabric and pastel color palette

74th Collection

In the golden light.
Flare effect in my studio. From every regular portrait we can create something unique.
I like to experiment with light techniques and different instruments

59th Collection

The photo was taken with my Nikon d750 and 50mm lens. We were on a walk with my friends and I was trying my color filters. I think the experiment is successful. I'm very satisfied with the result. Everything is matching: the filter, the girl, the mood and it was the super bloom of Poppy seeds in California.

56th Collection