Reto Probst




🇨🇭 Switzerland

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Biel/Bienne (Switzerland)

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4 years

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Winning photos

In this high-contrast black and white image, light and darkness merge into a sensual composition. The person emerges from the shadows and casts mysterious silhouettes through the backlight.

86th Collection

Halloween was just around the corner. My first scary shooting was a complete success. The 4 models all had their makeup done as desired and the makeup artist did a great job.

79th Collection

An absolute snapshot. I was walking with Thiemo through the mall when I discovered this play of light and shadow on the wall. Not 5 minutes later, this situation was already over.

78th Collection

Sexy and strong, that is what this portrait of my new model should express. Women are also strong and want to be seen and taken first

77th Collection

Sex appeal of the very big class. For the first real shooting, the model has really given everything and posed as sexy as never before.

76th Collection

Business meets beauty. The contrast between the serious business building and the sexy male-model makes for an insanely exciting combination. The model used the shallow indentation, which was filled with water, to turn it into a catwalk.

74th Collection

Summer feeling in the mountains. In the tropical house you can dive into another world. I took advantage of this with Jana and we made a tropical shooting in the middle of the beautiful mountain world.

73rd Collection

On a cloudless day in the beautiful Swiss Alps, Thiemo once again showed his modeling potential. The meltwater in the snow-covered landscape makes the mood in the picture extraordinary.

72nd Collection

The natural existence of a human being, without distractions. Hard work is behind this body and he can be proud of himself.

Camera: EOS 5D Mark IV
Lens: Canon 24-40mm f2.8
Light: Godox AD600

68th Collection