Romain Deprick



Huntington Beach, California

🇺🇸 The United States

Studio Name

Maestro VII

Why boudoir? Boudoir a very creative side of portraiture and it allows for a great deal of artistic input. I see Boudoir as an art form and wall art as a specialty. Purchased prints are signed and numbered, these prints are one of a kind. I retain control of the creative aspect by highlighting details and body shapes in the most artistic way to inspire glamour, personality and seduction. By removing all props and scenery, and delivering the photographs in a Black and White 4x5 portrait format, I am able to focus on poses and expression to bring an intrinsic look into the photograph. The iconic black background adds a sense of close intimacy to the end result. This way, I combine Portraiture with Boudoir in an elegant and distinctive way.