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Jan Malmstrom Photography

Many of the people I portrait are in the public eye. Actors, TV-media-people, stage performers, authors and so on – in general individuals who are known to a lot of Swedes in some way. Many have not sought the limelight for themselves, it is simply a result, a by-product, of their line of work. My goal and challenge are to portrait them in new ways. I try to stay away from safe and pretty and instead look for natural and unpolished. I may try to show a mood in a person’s face that you seldom see, or put them in an environment that could help to tell a story about them. I know this is a very subjective viewpoint, but the kind of portrait I am striving to make is the kind that I like to look at myself. For me, this is not achievable with big crews, big sets or giant budgets. There is only the sitter and me.