Chethan Subramanya




🇦🇺 Australia

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I am Chethan, a Portrait and Wedding Photographer based in Melbourne. My style is the perfect blend of both documentary style and creative portrait style. I feel the moment that I see through my eyes and document it through photographs. I am very friendly and flexible to discuss your needs and tailor my style to match it. If you prefer the whole event to be documentary/candid style, we can do it. If you want to have portraits, yes we can do it in between the ceremony in the interest of your time during wedding or we can do pre-wedding/engagement photo shoot. I help you to make the right decision by providing various options to suit your needs and budget.
For me, It is all about telling a story about your Big Day which is filled with special moments through photographs. When these photographs are seen by our next generation, story need not be told but seen through these photographs.