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Ketino Terekhov Honolulu (United States)

I've loved photography ever since I was a child. Growing up, my dad was always taking pictures of all of us when we would visit the beaches or explore mountains. On weekends he would show me how to develop the film and I remember being mesmerized by the appearance of emerging pictures on white paper.
I love adventure, especially of the traveling variety. I've got a bit of Wanderlust in my veins and have done trans-continental journeys from Alaska to Georgia (the state, although kudos to you if you also knew that it's a country), San Francisco to New York, and lots in between. I love most outdoor pursuits, like hiking and camping.
When I'm not behind the lens I can be found cooking new dishes, experimenting with my hair, and out on walks with my super duper awesome 5 year old boy and our yellow labrador Caesar.

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