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Charles Farrah Peekskill (United States)

My name is Charles Farrah and I have been a portrait photographer for over 15 years. I’m based out of New York, but love to travel. My photography style is one involving dramatic lighting. For reasons I have trouble explaining, I’ve always like a dark, moody image, that evokes emotions and thought from its viewers.
I started out taking pictures of everything and anything but soon realized that my true calling was in photographing people. This process evolved from shooting pin-up to the New York burlesque scene to fashion and fine art. I’m most comfortable in a studio setting but have come to realize a studio is anywhere you are, be it in a 1000 square foot professionally lit indoor location shooting models on seamless paper or in Washington Square park on a rainy day in the West Village.
I’ve always found inspiration from the work of old masters such as Rembrandt, Goya, Da Vinci and many other painters and artists not to forget Van Gogh.

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