Portrait photographers in United States

  • 101 images selected 101 Leonardo Espina Houston (United States) Photography is my way of life, I love what I do, that is why I am always passionate about offering the best. I love competitiveness, always looking for a better world and "the perfect shot". A boundless dreamer full of positive thoughts and energy. My mayor focus: quality and creativity. I pursue my dreams and make others build and pursue theirs through teaching and inspiring them through my work. I am constantly trying to identify opportunities that can help grow and develop our skills as a high-impact audiovisual content creators. LeoSpin
    Portrait photographer Leonardo Espina (leospinfoto). Photo of 01 December
  • 38 images selected 38 Amanda Colgan Rio Rico (United States) Amanda Colgan is an experienced, award-winning portrait photographer with a distinguished and unique style. She has over 8 years of experience creating original works of art for her clients to proudly display in their homes. With an eye for detail and careful creative styling, Amanda Colgan Photography is sure to exceed your next portrait session expectations. Amanda Colgan Photography
    Portrait photographer Amanda Colgan (amanda-colgan567). Photo of 14 October
  • 32 images selected 32 Alina Pinchuk Seattle (United States) Also serving: Issaquah (United States) Hi, my name is Alina. I am a creative design professional who loves art in all forms, whether its painting, photography, architectural design or graphic design. After being introduced to graphic design and architecture, I began working on side projects, photographing weddings and taking portraits, learning the craft through trial and error as well as tutorials, same as I have taught myself how to draw. I fell in love with photography as an art. After receiving my degree of architectural design, I realized how much architecture has opened my understanding of spaces and cities we inhabit and how we are influenced by and interact with our surroundings. I gained a deeper understanding of affects of color, lighting, graphics and composition on our perception. I believe that all art forms are inseparable, and that great photography, art and designs are achieved by harmony between all art forms, as one directly influences and affects the outcome of the other. ARMONIA Photography
    Portrait photographer Alina Pinchuk (alinapinchuk). Photo of 04 January
  • 19 images selected 19 Amalya Shandelman Houston (United States) Amalya, a university-trained journalist now focusing exclusively on photography, hails from Moscow, Russia. As a schoolgirl she roamed the streets of that peerless Slavic metropolis (not alone, of course), honing her black-and-white skills on Grandpa's cherished prewar Leica. Now based in Houston, Texas, there is no finer day than one spent behind the camera, putting her subjects at ease and capturing them in their finest moments, candid or posed. Amalya's photography emanates from deep within - motivated and inspired, above all, by her love of the art and for her subjects, and for capturing everything that is human in every image. Amalya Shandelman Photography
    Portrait photographer Amalya Shandelman (amalya-shandelman820). Photo of 09 June
  • 17 images selected 17 Kadienne Stoute Newark (United States) Also serving: New York City (United States) I am a self taught portrait photographer based in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. I was born to a family of artist and art historians so the love of art came naturally. I have been shooting for 14 years and professionally since 2017. I have a studio located in Flemington, NJ. I shoot portraits, weddings and equine photography. Something I specialize in after a previous career as an equestrian. I am also a wife and mother of two amazing kids. Kadienne Leigh Photography
    Portrait photographer Kadienne Stoute (Kadienneleighphoto). Photo of 23 May
  • 9 images selected 9 Ambar Jimenez Newark (United States) Ambar jimenez photography
    Portrait photographer Ambar Jimenez (Ambarjimenezphotography). Photo of 14 April
  • 9 images selected 9 Isaac Alvarez Los Angeles (United States) Also serving: New York City (United States) Artist Isaac Alvarez
    Portrait photographer Isaac Alvarez (isaac). Photo of 28 May
  • 8 images selected 8 Svetlana Dolghier Orlando (United States) Also serving: Chişinău (Moldova) Lana Dee Photography
    Portrait photographer Svetlana Dolghier (lana.dee.photo). Photo of 16 September
  • 8 images selected 8 Patricia Carrozzini Elizabeth (United States) Patricia Carrozzini
    Portrait photographer Patricia Carrozzini (patricia-carrozzini667). Photo of 19 June
  • 6 images selected 6 Ludwig Alberty Kansas City (United States) Also serving: Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) Ludwig Alberty Photography
    Portrait photographer Ludwig Alberty (lud.alb). Photo of 10 October
  • 5 images selected 5 Olga Kolleeny Princeton (United States) Also serving: Montgomery (United States) I’ve always relied on my ability to see and capture images that connect with people. This was a skill I developed early in my career while studying world's literature and Fine Arts I was struck by not only by the elegant compositions and impeccable techniques in the paintings of Rembrandt, Vermeer, and the photography of Ansel Adams but most importantly, their wonderful use of light and understanding it is the light that breathes life into the work. My goal is to create meaningful fine art photographs that are artistically inspired, thoughtfully conceived, and technically executed to the highest standards. I’m drawn to the elegant and timeless beauty found in nature and its many moods and visual rhythms created by the light. From image capture to final print, I use the latest professional digital cameras and lenses, computers and printers, archival papers, and inks. Portrait Deluxe Studio
    from 400$ for 1 hours of work
    Portrait photographer Olga Kolleeny (ollguna). Photo of 05 December
  • 5 images selected 5 Elena Kolomytseva Cincinnati (United States) Triple Joy Photography
    Portrait photographer Elena Kolomytseva  (triplejoy). Photo of 24 December
  • 5 images selected 5 Alexandra Hryshyn Los Angeles (United States) Alexandra Hryshyn
    from 400$ for 1 hours of work
    Portrait photographer Alexandra Hryshyn (alexandrapro.photos). Photo of 30 November
  • 5 images selected 5 Anastasia Zur Los Angeles (United States) Anastasia Portraits
    Portrait photographer Anastasia Zur (Anastasiaportraitsla). Photo of 25 August
  • 3 images selected 3 Dan Whitehead Oak Ridge (United States) Dan Whitehead Photography
    Portrait photographer Dan Whitehead (danwhitehead14). Photo of 14 June
  • 3 images selected 3 Cesar Carino Newburgh (United States) Also serving: New York City (United States) I can't really write or speak about myself in third person( because I'd obviously want Morgan Freeman to do it) so i will save myself the hassle. I don't remember how i came about taking up photography or what gave me the extra push to pursue it but i do remember that Martha Cooper has long since been an inspiration of mine from about the time of high school til this day. The way she captured one of thee most legendary graffiti writers (DONDI) in action pretty much inspired me. From that point and time til now i am attracted to old music and portraiture from the 70s-80's. There isn't a day now my eyes don't scan images.
    Portrait photographer Cesar Carino (ceezdenyc). Photo of 07 March
  • 2 images selected 2 Trevior Allen Tampa (United States) Roninzvizion
    Portrait photographer Trevior Allen (roninzvizion). Photo of 09 September
  • 2 images selected 2 Jonathan Ramirez Long Beach (United States) Jonathan Ramirez Photography
    Portrait photographer Jonathan Ramirez (Jonathan). Photo of 27 September
  • 2 images selected 2 Alan Lacerda Bridgewater (United States) I'm a former US Marine. I shoot many forms of photography from fashion to boudoir. I'm a big advocate for always learning new things and pushing yourself into the things you find most difficult to do. If it's not difficult everyone would do it so go do it and stand alone. Al Lacerda Photography
    Portrait photographer Alan Lacerda (allacerdaphotography). Photo of 27 May
  • 1 images selected 1 Bolorerdene Bundgaa Washington, D.C. (United States) Photoxpedia Studio
    Portrait photographer Bolorerdene Bundgaa (bolor). Photo of 13 January
  • 1 images selected 1 Oriana Higuera Miramar (United States) Also serving: Fort Lauderdale (United States) Oriana Higuera Photography
    from 550$ for 1 hours of work
    Portrait photographer Oriana Higuera (oriana-higuera223). Photo of 14 June
  • 1 images selected 1 Anton Shapov East Los Angeles (United States) Also serving: Miami Beach (United States) BrightSides Creations
    from 300$ for 2 hours of work
    Portrait photographer Anton Shapov (anton.shapov). Photo of 27 December
  • 1 images selected 1 Natalie Vell Roseville (United States) Natalie Vell Studio
    Portrait photographer Natalie Vell (natalievellphoto). Photo of 08 June
  • Carol Twitchell Miami (United States) Caroltwitchell photography
    Portrait photographer Carol Twitchell (Caroltphotography). Photo of 26 November
  • Hagit Bibi Houston (United States) Hagit Bibi Photography
    Portrait photographer Hagit Bibi (hagitbibi.com). Photo of 11 May
  • Moustafa El-Shaabini Mission Viejo (United States) Paradise photography OC
    Portrait photographer Moustafa El-Shaabini (paradisephotographyoc). Photo of 30 November