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  • 96 images selected 96 Steven Pressler Los Angeles (United States) Also serving: New York City (United States) Steven Pressler is an experienced internationally published glamour, fashion and portrait photographer from Los Angeles who lives to be behind the camera. If you are looking for professional head-shots, portraits or glamour/fashion photography, please take a look at my work work. I have a strong passion and desire to create unique, artistic and impressionable images. I loves pushing the edge and experimenting with new and divergent themes. “Photography is that special point in time that allows you to freeze the moment and to visualize the singular meaning behind the object in front of us.” Indulgence for excellence and continually succeeding at redefining visual, culture, beauty and art is how i define my approach to Fashion photography. My resume includes photography for the American Music Awards, Photography and Design layouts for many gallery exhibits across the New York City Area as well as publication in many international magazines Flashous Studio
    Portrait photographer Steven Pressler (sdpressler). Photo of 03 December
  • 31 images selected 31 Leonardo Espina Houston (United States) Photography is my way of life, I love what I do, that is why I am always passionate about offering the best. I love competitiveness, always looking for a better world and "the perfect shot". A boundless dreamer full of positive thoughts and energy. My mayor focus: quality and creativity. I pursue my dreams and make others build and pursue theirs through teaching and inspiring them through my work. I am constantly trying to identify opportunities that can help grow and develop our skills as a high-impact audiovisual content creators. LeoSpin
    Portrait photographer Leonardo Espina (leospinfoto). Photo of 16 August
  • 20 images selected 20 Alina Pinchuk Seattle (United States) Also serving: Issaquah (United States) Hi, my name is Alina. I am a creative design professional who loves art in all forms, whether its painting, photography, architectural design or graphic design. After being introduced to graphic design and architecture, I began working on side projects, photographing weddings and taking portraits, learning the craft through trial and error as well as tutorials, same as I have taught myself how to draw. I fell in love with photography as an art. After receiving my degree of architectural design, I realized how much architecture has opened my understanding of spaces and cities we inhabit and how we are influenced by and interact with our surroundings. I gained a deeper understanding of affects of color, lighting, graphics and composition on our perception. I believe that all art forms are inseparable, and that great photography, art and designs are achieved by harmony between all art forms, as one directly influences and affects the outcome of the other. ARMONIA Photography
    Portrait photographer Alina Pinchuk (alinapinchuk). Photo of 04 January
  • 19 images selected 19 Amanda Colgan Buckeye (United States) I am a Fine Art Portrait Photographer based out of Buckeye, Arizona. I studied Photography at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh where I obtained my Certificate Of Photography in July, 2017. After school was complete, the real fun began. I was able to dedicate my days to getting out in the field and practicing, learning and experimenting with new shooting techniques. Then I was able to come home and edit. Getting creative with my editing is my favorite part of photography. I am always practicing, studying, learning, teaching and trying new things in Photoshop. I am also a firm believer in continued education. You should never stop learning! Amanda Colgan Photography
    from 150$ for 2 hours of work
    Portrait photographer Amanda Colgan (amanda-colgan567). Photo of 19 January
  • 14 images selected 14 Tetiana Dukhopel Sammamish (United States) Also serving: Seattle (United States) Tanya Dukhopel is а portrait photographer based in Sammamish, Washington. She was born and brought up in Ukraine, moved to the gorgeous Pacific Northwest several years ago and been calling Seattle home since then. She's also a mother of two - one human boy and girl Australian shepherd, Bachata lover and, collector of elephant's figures. tanyadportrait
    Portrait photographer Tetiana  Dukhopel  (tanyadportrait). Photo of 08 August
  • 9 images selected 9 Shelley Franklin Phoenix (United States) Shelley Franklin a portrait photographer in Scottsdale Arizona. She specializes in portraiture of women over 40 & those they love most, including their pets. Her wildly imaginative and highly creative pet photography gives viewers a glimpse at each animals personality & seemingly, their very soul. Shelley became an accredited fellow with The Portrait Masters in September, 2020, being the 5th person worldwide to hold this title. With a lifetime love of the arts and masters paintings, Shelley has a passion for creating painterly photos. The vibrant color hughes and tones of her images are unique and refreshingly original. The portraits she creates manage to feel nostalgic and modern all at once, bridging the gap between past and present, remaining forever classic and timeless. Shelley loves styling sessions for personalized composites, and working with clients one on one to provide them with luxury images art work of themselves, their pets, and their families. Franklin Photography Studios
    Portrait photographer Shelley Franklin (shelley). Photo of 14 October
  • 7 images selected 7 Amalya Shandelman Houston (United States) Amalya, a university-trained journalist now focusing exclusively on photography, hails from Moscow, Russia. As a schoolgirl she roamed the streets of that peerless Slavic metropolis (not alone, of course), honing her black-and-white skills on Grandpa's cherished prewar Leica. Now based in Houston, Texas, there is no finer day than one spent behind the camera, putting her subjects at ease and capturing them in their finest moments, candid or posed. Amalya's photography emanates from deep within - motivated and inspired, above all, by her love of the art and for her subjects, and for capturing everything that is human in every image. Amalya Shandelman Photography
    Portrait photographer Amalya Shandelman (amalya-shandelman820). Photo of 15 February
  • 6 images selected 6 Iuliia Vareldzhyan Chicago (United States) Special Moments Photography
    Portrait photographer Iuliia Vareldzhyan (capturespecialmoments). Photo of 03 June
  • 6 images selected 6 Romain Deprick Huntington Beach (United States) Why boudoir? Boudoir a very creative side of portraiture and it allows for a great deal of artistic input. I see Boudoir as an art form and wall art as a specialty. Purchased prints are signed and numbered, these prints are one of a kind. I retain control of the creative aspect by highlighting details and body shapes in the most artistic way to inspire glamour, personality and seduction. By removing all props and scenery, and delivering the photographs in a Black and White 4x5 portrait format, I am able to focus on poses and expression to bring an intrinsic look into the photograph. The iconic black background adds a sense of close intimacy to the end result. This way, I combine Portraiture with Boudoir in an elegant and distinctive way. Maestro VII
    Portrait photographer Romain Deprick (Maestroviiphoto). Photo of 09 June
  • 4 images selected 4 Kadienne Stoute Newark (United States) Also serving: New York City (United States) I am a self taught portrait photographer based in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. I was born to a family of artist and art historians so the love of art came naturally. I have been shooting for 14 years and professionally since 2017. I have a studio located in Stockton, NJ. I shoot portraits, weddings and equine photography. Something I specialize in after a previous career as an equestrian. I am also a wife and mother of two amazing kids. Zebra Heart Photography
    Portrait photographer Kadienne Stoute (Kadienneleighphoto). Photo of 29 July
  • 4 images selected 4 Ludwig Alberty Kansas City (United States) Also serving: Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) Ludwig Alberty Photography
    Portrait photographer Ludwig Alberty (lud.alb). Photo of 12 January
  • 4 images selected 4 Elena Kolomytseva Cincinnati (United States) Triple Joy Photography
    Portrait photographer Elena Kolomytseva  (triplejoy). Photo of 24 December
  • 4 images selected 4 Charles Fara Peekskill (United States) Charles Fara
    Portrait photographer Charles Fara (cffara). Photo of 23 November
  • 3 images selected 3 Inna Kalashnikova Redmond (United States) Kalina.Film LLC
    Portrait photographer Inna Kalashnikova (in.photo2019). Photo of 13 March
  • 2 images selected 2 Olga Kolleeny Princeton (United States) Also serving: Montgomery (United States) I’ve always relied on my ability to see and capture images that connect with people. This was a skill I developed early in my career while studying world's literature and Fine Arts I was struck by not only by the elegant compositions and impeccable techniques in the paintings of Rembrandt, Vermeer, and the photography of Ansel Adams but most importantly, their wonderful use of light and understanding it is the light that breathes life into the work. My goal is to create meaningful fine art photographs that are artistically inspired, thoughtfully conceived, and technically executed to the highest standards. I’m drawn to the elegant and timeless beauty found in nature and its many moods and visual rhythms created by the light. From image capture to final print, I use the latest professional digital cameras and lenses, computers and printers, archival papers, and inks. Portrait Deluxe Studio
    from 400$ for 1 hours of work
    Portrait photographer Olga Kolleeny (ollguna). Photo of 15 September
  • 2 images selected 2 Olga Kulakova Miami (United States) Olga Kulakova photography
    from 300$ for 1 hours of work
    Portrait photographer Olga Kulakova (Olga). Photo of 19 August
  • 2 images selected 2 Antonius Rizk North Olmsted (United States) I'm a wedding and portrait photographer located in North East Ohio. Resident
    Portrait photographer Antonius Rizk (Antoniusrizk). Photo of 10 October
  • 2 images selected 2 Alexandra Hryshyn Los Angeles (United States) Alexandra Hryshyn
    Portrait photographer Alexandra Hryshyn (alexandrapro.photos). Photo of 30 November
  • 2 images selected 2 Wayne Murphy Kalispell (United States) Also serving: Missoula (United States) JMK Photography is an ART driven portrait studio specializing in creating select, distinct, bold images that you will love for a lifetime. I pride myself on flexibility, creativity and most of all, excellence. I have two goals for my clients: Give them an amazing experience and create images that are unique to their personality that will stop anyone in their tracks. I focus on capturing the client who wants to stand out and not follow the crowd and tailor each photo session around those expectations The JMK Photography studio is located in downtown Kalispell, Montana. JMK Photography
    from 200$ for 1 hours of work
    Portrait photographer Wayne Murphy (jmkphotomt). Photo of 15 December
  • 2 images selected 2 Alan Lacerda Bridgewater (United States) I'm a former US Marine. I shoot many forms of photography from fashion to boudoir. I'm a big advocate for always learning new things and pushing yourself into the things you find most difficult to do. If it's not difficult everyone would do it so go do it and stand alone. Al Lacerda Photography
    Portrait photographer Alan Lacerda (allacerdaphotography). Photo of 27 May
  • 1 images selected 1 Sergio Riera Raleigh (United States) Sergio Riera Photography
    Portrait photographer Sergio Riera (s.riera.f). Photo of 16 June
  • 1 images selected 1 ZIESOOK YOU Dallas (United States) Also serving: Seoul (South Korea) Ziesook You has been experimenting with a variety of genres such as photography, video, installation, and painting. She portrays her surroundings and daily life in a bold, unaffected video language. Her pieces include the video diary of her family using time flowing methods, a documentary film taken in various world travel sites depicting space and time, and 10 Years Self-Portrait using time compression techniques. She has exhibited Korea, Australia, Iceland, Taiwan, Hungary, Japan, France, the Netherlands and the United States. Since 2016, she has been working on the "Scent of Broq-pa" project, which expresses happiness through the coexistence of humans and nature, with people from various walks of life and has been exhibiting it in Korea, Hong Kong and the United States. Her work prefers continuous series in which layers accumulate over a long period of time, examining time, space, nature and life. She earned a master’s degree in fine art, and taught contemporary art and vi ZIESOOK ART
    from 500$ for 2 hours of work
    Portrait photographer ZIESOOK YOU (ZIESOOKYOU). Photo of 03 February
  • 1 images selected 1 Valeria Negru Chicago (United States) Valeria Negru Photography
    Portrait photographer Valeria Negru (artonyoustudio). Photo of 10 September
  • 1 images selected 1 Christine LaFace Pittsburgh (United States) Christine LaFace Photography
    Portrait photographer Christine LaFace (Laface0827). Photo of 31 May
  • Cassandra Brennan Lake Charles (United States) Cas Brennan photography
    Portrait photographer Cassandra Brennan (casbrennanphotography). Photo of 30 March
  • Meka Hemmons Chicago (United States) I specialize in Contemporary Portraiture, with particular focus on perception and transformation. I provide a relaxed, spa-like experience for the unique, interpersonal and self-reflective photos many have always wanted. My goal is that everyone who walks into this space sees at the end a merging of their own idealism with their own portrait... and in turn, embraces a lasting sense of self-worth, self-awareness and self-preservation. SpiderMeka Portraits
    Portrait photographer Meka Hemmons (spidermeka). Photo of 01 April
  • Ekaterina Kuznetsova San Mateo (United States) Katya the Traveller
    Portrait photographer Ekaterina Kuznetsova (katyathetraveller). Photo of 01 July
  • 7 images selected 7 Omar Ponceleon Caracas (Venezuela) Also serving: Miami (United States) Ponceleon Studio
    from 150$ for 2 hours of work
    Portrait photographer Omar Ponceleon (omarponceleon). Photo of 22 July
  • 4 images selected 4 Samuel Vasquez Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) Also serving: New York City (United States) Samuel Vasquez
    Portrait photographer Samuel Vasquez (srsamuelvasquez). Photo of 14 March
  • 2 images selected 2 Carolina Plaz Caracas (Venezuela) Also serving: Miami (United States) Carolina Plaz Photography
    Portrait photographer Carolina Plaz (Carolina.plaz). Photo of 11 February