Portrait photographers in Indonesia

  • 49 images selected 49 Darwin Witarsa Bandung (Indonesia) Hi guys! Delighted to be part of this community. My name is Darwin. I has been practicing photography for about 15 years; was doing wedding photography for about 5 years in Australia; and moved back to my home country, Indonesia and opened a fashion and product photography in my new city, Bandung. Now my studio expands not only doing commercial photography; but also family, group, kids, and couple photography. I really hope my photography brings emotions and joys to those who see it. Hazel Photo House
    Portrait photographer Darwin Witarsa (Darwin.itrasal). Photo of 09 October
  • 22 images selected 22 M Reza Putra Jakarta (Indonesia) Also serving: Tangerang (Indonesia) I am pro photographer, I took a job or project during the weekends or free time. Currently I am working with my Nikon CX, DX, adn FX Format
    Portrait photographer M Reza Putra (m.rezaputra). Photo of 29 June
  • Portrait photographer Aysia Linggarwati (Ayling.singamas). Photo of 14 May
  • 11 images selected 11 Anil T Prabhakar Balikpapan (Indonesia) Starting his photographic sojourn as a photojournalist, Anil.T.Prabhakar moved to other genres of the artform soon with elan. A firm believer that it is the person behind the camera who creates the images, he attributes both success and failure to the doer rather than to his tool. A self taught photographer, Anil landed a job in the Indonesian Mining Industry and continued to do serious photography. His job which required him to travel extensively allowed him to visit far reaches of the Indonesian Archipelago and other South East Asian countries. One is not sure, but it could have been the vastness of the Indonesian landscape that might have spurred him to shoot landscapes extensively in his early years. His attempts at painting using oil paints, acrylic and pencil right from his school days were very fruitful and numerous awards and mentions were won by his works. Reminiscence Photography
    Portrait photographer Anil  T Prabhakar (anildwaraka2000). Photo of 10 July
  • 10 images selected 10 Fira Mikael Jakarta (Indonesia) Photographer with passion for people, cultures and nature. Based in Jakarta Indonesia.
    Portrait photographer Fira Mikael (firamikael). Photo of 15 June
  • 8 images selected 8 Magdalena Fifi Jakarta (Indonesia) Hi, my name is Magdalena. I was born in Lampung and moved to Jakarta, and learned photography several years ago. Until now, I am still practicing and learning things about photography.
    Portrait photographer Magdalena Fifi (magdalena_fifi). Photo of 15 April