Svetlana Masterova

London (United Kingdom)

My name is Lana and I'm London based Freelance Photographer. My main passion in photography is Portraiture and Landscape (especially long exposures). Portraiture because I love people, thats how the idea for my blog was born, to take the photo across the table of my coffee companion and then tell hers/his story since each path of us is unique and each of us is special.
Landcape is my point of connection with the Mother Earth. Mother Earth is my unconditional love, I love her and respect her so much, so grateful for all she gives us. When I have a chance to be by the water and spare some time for myself, it will be long exposures, they are just so meditating for me. I don't want to rush, run, talk, walk, I just want to stand still and capture that moment. Find the right composition, minute, exposure that would leave me content.

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