AJ Ringström

Tucson (United States)

A self taught photographer by the name of AJ Ringström. Some of my training consists of reading articles and watching tutorials on youtube, the rest through practice, trial, error, and observing the habits and practice of other photographers. I began with a Canon AE-1 that my father gave me as a child, which I generally used on family trips. In my early twenties I made an upgrade to digital with a Fuji FinePix J10, which I habitually used for the documentation of my travels, though flippantly. Over time I gradually began to gain a better perspective as I noticed certain pictures were better than others and I set out to learn why, thus my studious passion for photography became a reality, as I discovered composition, color, lighting and the technique of how to operate a camera. Once again I made the eventual upgrade to DSLR's with a Nikon D3100, and currently shoot with a D7100, capturing the landscapes/nature shots that I hold a favorable passion for, while also dabbling in model/studi

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