Pérez Díez


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With us

6 months

Winning photos

A thoughtful man in Egypt

85th Collection

We tried some new illumination setups other than crosslight. The result was quite satisfactory... The backdrop used is a handpainted one.

84th Collection

The viewer's gaze goes again and again from the eyes to the copper hair.

83rd Collection

A model with a beautiful, penetrating and serene gaze. Thanks Olivia!

83rd Collection

A painterly portrait with Rembrandt light, trying to achive an old painting mood with modern but plane clothes.

82nd Collection

This amateur model turned out to have a series of calm and kind expressions that made the shoot very easy and enjoyable. I was immediately captivated.

81st Collection

Redheaded models with curls and freckles are always a guarantee of success!! All the photos of this beautiful model turned out to be easy even with an inexperienced model.

81st Collection

This was my first attemp with male models. He was very collaborative and he has a special innate aptitude for posing. I enjoyed very much the shooting and the postprocessing too.

81st Collection

Another shot with a non professional model. It was taken outdoors the studio, actually in a garden in a daylight hour! Camera settings were such as not to be affected by natural light.

80th Collection

Love to shoot non experimented models. This one was taken to a friend's daughter and It was her first shooting also!
It was funny to do and we got many "killer" images.

80th Collection